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PilotPointer.com, formerly the award-winning "Aviator's Reference Guide", aims to be your guide to and provider of quality aviation related information on the internet.

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Is this "just another" listing of websites? No, not exactly. Look at it as a tool: PilotPointer.com is a gateway to everything aviation on the web. You'll find unique information here, combined with links to the most outstanding external resources, hand picked by experienced editors, working in the aviation industry themselves. All easily accessible from one page: your control panel.

Expect this site to significantly cut down your search time for aviation specific information. Add your own favorite web sites to the front page to easily access your web-mail and/or any other sites of your interest.

If you're looking for fast and free access to relevant information, PilotPointer.com is the place to be. We've done all the research for you and created this tool to get you going, with speed...

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