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Weather abbreviations and acronyms

A         absolute (temperature)     AFC       area forecast center
A         Alaskan Standard Time      AFCT      affect
	   (time groups only)        AFDK      after dark
A         Arctic (air mass)          AFIRM     affirmative
A         hail                       AFOS      Automation of Field
AATM      at all times                          Operations/Services
ABBR      abbreviate                 AFT       after
ABCST     automatic broadcast        AFTN      afternoon
ABD       aboard                     AGL       above ground level
ABM       abeam                      AGN       again
ABND      abandon                    AGR       agree
ABNDT     abundant                   AGRMT     agreement
ABNML     abnormal                   AHD       ahead
ABT       about                      AIREP     air report
ABV       above                      AK        Alaska
AC        anticipated convection     AL        all
AC        altocumulus                AL        Alabama
AC        convective outlook         ALF       aloft
AC        altocumulus                ALG       along
ACCAS     altocumulus castellanus    ALGHNY    Allegheny
ACCT      account                    ALNMT     alignment
ACCUM     accumulate                 ALNOT     Alert Notice
ACES      access                     ALQDS     all quadrants
ACFT      aircraft                   ALSEC     all sectors
ACK       acknowledge                ALSTG     altimeter setting
ACLD      above clouds               ALT       altitude
ACLT      accelerate                 ALTA      Alberta
ACMPYG    accompanying               ALTHO     although
ACPT      accept                     ALTM      altimeter
ACPY      accompany                  ALTN      alternate
ACRS      across                     ALUTN     Aleutian
ACSL      standing lenticular        ALWF      actual wind factor
	   altocumulus               AM        ante meridiem
ACT       active                     AMB       ambiguity
ACTG      acting                     AMD       amend
ACTV      active                     AMDT      amendment
ACTVT     activate                   AMOS      Automated Meteorologi-
ACTVTY    activity                              cal Observation Station
ACYC      anticyclonic               AMP       amplifier/amplify
ADDN      addition                   AMPLTD    amplitude
ADJ       adjacent                   AMS       air mass
ADQT      adequate                   AMSL      above mean sea level
ADRNDCK   Adirondack                 AMT       amount
ADS       address                    ANCPT     anticipate
ADV       advise                     ANLYS     analysis
ADVC      advice                     ANNC      announce
ADVCTN    advection                  ANS       answer
ADVN      advance                    ANT       antenna
ADVY      advisory                   AOA       at or above
AERO      aeronautical               AOB       at or below
AFB       Air Force Base

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AOC Aircraft Operations AUZ authorize Center AVBL available AOPA Aircraft Owners and AVG average Pilots Association AVN aviation/Aviation AP anomalous propagation Model APCH approach AWA advise when able APLCN Appalachian AWANS Aviation WX & NOTAM APNT appoint System APPR appear AWBE automatic WX broadcast APRNT apparent equipment APROP appropriate AWE advise when established APRX approximate AWIPS Advanced WX Interactive APSG after passage/passing Processing System APT automatic picture AWOS automatic wx obs/report transmission system APV approve AWS Air Weather Service APVL approval (USAF) AR Atlantic Route AWT awaiting AR Arkansas AWX account weather ARFOR Area forecast AWY airway ARMET forecast upper wind AZ Arizona and temperature AZM azimuth ARND around B blue ARNG arrange B beginning of ARNOT area notice precipitation ARPT airport B Bering Standard Time ARR arrival/arrive BAC below all clouds ARST arrest BACLIN baroclinic AS altostratus BAL balance ASAP as soon as possible BAM Beta Advection model ASC ascent to BASE cloud base ASDL aircraft to satellite BATROP barotropic data link BC back course ASGN assign BC British Columbia ASL above sea level BCFG fog patches ASMD assumed BCH beach ASND ascend BCKG backing ASOS Automated Surface BCM become Observing System BCN beacon ASSOCD associated BCREQ broadcast requested ASST assistant BCST broadcast ATCH attach BCSTN broadcast station ATLC Atlantic BD blowing dust ATMT attempt BDA Bermuda ATND attend BDR border ATTM at this time BDRY boundary ATTN attention BFDK before dark AURBO Aurora Borealis BFR before AUTH authority/authorized BGN began/begin AUTO automatic BHND behind AUTOB Automatic WX Reporting BIFR before encountering System IFR conditions AUX auxiliary BINOVC breaks in overcast

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BKN broken CARIB Caribbean BL between layers CAS calibrated airspeed BLD build CASCDS Cascades BLDUP buildup CAT category BLKHLS Black Hills CAT clear air turbulence BLKT blanket CATX climb and cross BLN balloon CAVOK cloud and visiblity OK BLO below/below clouds CAVU clear and visibility BLSN blowing snow > 10 mi. BLZD blizzard CAWS Common Aviation Weather BMS basic meteorological Subsystem services CB cumulonimbus BN blowing sand CBMAM cumulonimbus mamma BND bound CC cirrocumulus BNDRY boundary CC cloud-to-cloud lightning BNTH beneath CCLDS clear of clouds BOVC base of overcast CCLKOB counterclockwise orbit BPS bytes per second CCLKWS counterclockwise BR Bahama Route CCR cloud cover radiometer BR branch CCRZ climb and cruise BRF brief CCSL standing lenticular BRG bearing cirrocumulus BRGT bright CD cold BRK break CDFNT cold front BRKHIC breaks in higher CENPAC Central North Pacific overcast CFM confirm BRKSHR Berkshire CFN confine BRM barometer CFP cold front passage BS blowing snow CFY clarify BTL between layers CG Coast Guard BTR better CG cloud-to-ground BTWN between lightning BUL bulletin CGAS Coast Guard Air Station BUR bureau CGLS Coast Guard LORAN BUS business Station BWER bounded weak echo CGSTN congestion region CH channel BY blowing spray CHAP chapter BYD beyond CHARC characteristic BZR buzzer (radar) CHC chance C Celsius CHG change C Central Standard CHNL channel Time CHOK check okay C continental (air mass) CHRG charge CA cloud-to-air lightning CHSPK Chesapeake CA California CHTR charter CAA cold air advection CI cirrus CAN Canada CIG ceiling CANOT Canadian NOTAM CIN convective inhibition CAO cold air outbreak CIRNAV circumnavigate CAPE convective available CIRNOT circuit notice potential energy CIT near or over large CAPT captain towns

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CIV civil COMPRT compartment CK check COND condition CKT circuit CONF confidential CL closing station CONFDC confidence CL course line CONFIGN configuration CLA clear type of ice CONT continue/continuously formation CONTDVD Continental Divide CLBI climb immediately CONTRAILS condensation trails CLBR calibration CONV convergence CLD cloud COORD coordinate CLDNS cloudiness COR correct/corrected CLG calling COT at the coast CLIPER Climatology and COV cover Persistance model CPBL capable CLKOB clockwise orbit CPD coupled CLKWS clockwise CPHC Central Pacific CLNC clearance Hurricane Center CLR clear CPTY capacity CLRS clear and smooth CRAD composite radar data CLSD closed processing CLST celestial CRC circle CM centimeter CRCLN circulation CMA comma CRLC circulate CMB climb CRS course CMNC commence CRTFY certify CMPCT compact CS cirrostratus CMPL complete CSDR consider CMPLX complex CSDRBL considerable CMPSN composition CSLDT consolidate CMPT component CST coast CNCL cancel CSTLN coastline CNCNT concurrently CT Connecticut CNCT connect CTC contact CNDN Canadian CTGY category CNS consolidated NOTAM CTH cloud top height system CTL control CNSDRBL considerable CTN caution CNSTNT consistent CTSKLS Catskills CNTR center CU cumulus CNTRL central CUFRA cumulus fractus CNTRLN centerline CVN convene CNVG converge CVR cover CNVRT convert CW current wave CNVSN conversion CWSU Central Weather CNVTV convective Service Unit CO company CYC cyclonic CO county CYCLGN cyclogenesis CO Colorado CYL cylinder COLL collect CZM Coastal Zone Management COM communication D dust COMB combine D/A digital-to-analog COML commercial DA daylight ascending COMP computed/computer DABRK daybreak COMPR compare DALGT daylight

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DAP do all possible DMSP Defense Meteorological DB decibel Satellite Program DB describe DNS dense DBL double DNSLP downslope DBTF doubtful DNSTRM downstream DC direct current DNWND downwind DC District of Columbia DO ditto DCAVU clear and vis > 10mi DOC Department of Commerce remainder rept missing DOD Department of Defense DCR decrease DOE Department of Energy DCRSD decreased DOLLY data link DCT direct DOPLID Doppler Lidar DE Delaware DOPLIGHT Doppler and lightning DEF defense DP deep DEG degree DPD dew point depression DENEB fog dispersal operations DPNG deepening DEP depart/departure DPTH depth DEPT department DR direct route DEST destination DRCT direct DEV deviation DRCTN direction DF direction finding DRFT drift DFCLT difficult DRIBU drifting buoy code DFLNT diffluent DRIR direct readout infrared DFNT definite DROP dropsonde/dropwindsonde DFRS differs DRYLN dryline DFS diffuse DRZL drizzle DFUS diffuse DSCNT descent DGNL diagonal DSGND designated DGR danger DSIPT dissipate DIAM diameter DSND descend DIFAX digital facsimile DSNT distant DIGG digging DSPL display DIP deepest intensification DSPLC displace period DSPN disposition DIR director DSPRL dispersal DISABLD disabled DSR desire DISC discontinue DST distort DISEM disseminate DSTC distance DISRE disregard DTG date time group DIST district DTL detail DIST distance DTLN International Dateline DISTR distribute DTRM determine DIV divergence DTRT deteriorate DIV division DUC dense upper cloud DKTS Dakotas DUPE duplicate DLA delay DURG during DLT delete DURN duration DLVR deliver DVGNC divergence DLVY delivery DVGNT divergent DLY daily DVLP develop DMG damage DVOR doppler VOR DMNT dominant DVRG diverge DMSH diminish DVRSN diversion

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DVV downward vertical ESNTL essential velocity EST estimate/estimation DWG drawing EST estimation DWIPS Digital Weather Image ESTAB establish Processing System ETC et cetera DWNDFTS downdrafts ETFL each thousand ft level DWPNT dew point ETI estimated information DX duplex ETIM elapsed time E Eastern Standard Time ETOV estimated time over E ending of precipitation ETP estimated time of (min) penetration E equatorial (air mass) EU electronic unit E estimated EVAC evacuation E east EVAL evaluate/evaluation EBND eastbound EVE evening ECMRWF European Center for EXAM examination Medium Range WX EXCH exchange Forecasts EXCLD exclude ECOM en-route communications EXCLV exclusive EFCT effect EXCP except EFF effective EXCT execute ELAT estimated latitude EXPC expect ELEC electric EXPED expedite ELECN electrician EXPS express ELEV elevate/elevation EXSEC extra section ELIP elliptical EXTD extend ELNAR El Nino in the ancient EXTN extension record EXTRAP extrapolate ELNGT elongate EXTRM extreme ELONG estimated longitude EXTSV extensive ELSW elsewhere F Fahrenheit EMBDD embedded F fog EMERG emergency F Fujita Scale EN El Nino FA forecast area ENCTR encounter FAA Federal Aviation ENDCE endurance Administration ENDG ending FAC facility ENERN east-northeastern FAH Fahrenheit ENEWD east-northeastward FAM familiar ENHNCD enhanced FAX facsimile ENHNCMNT enhancement FCST forecast ENSO El Nino Southern FG fog Oscillation FIG figure ENTR entire FIL filament EOF expected ops forecast FILG filling EOF end of file FINO WX report will not be EPAC Eastern Pacific filed for transmission EPI expanded position FIRAV first available indicator FIRG firing EQUIP equipment FL flash advisory ERY early FL flight level ESERN east-southeastern FL Florida ESEWD east-southeastward FLCTN fluctuation

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FLDST flood stage GFDEP ground fog estimated FLG falling (feet) deep FLO flow GFS Gulf Stream Front FLRY flurry GHZ gigahertz FLT flight GICG glaze icing FLW follow GLDR glider FLWIS flood warning issued GLFALSK Gulf of Alaska FM from GLFCAL Gulf of California FMT format GLFMEX Gulf of Mexico FNCTN function GLFSTLAWR Gulf of St Lawrence FNT front GMT Greenwich Mean Time FNTGNS frontogenesis GND ground FNTL frontal GNDFG ground fog FNTLYS frontolysis GNTR generator FONE telephone GOES Geostationary Operational FORNN forenoon Environmental Satellite FPM feet per minute GOVT government FPP from present position GRAD gradient FQT frequent GRBL garble FREQ frequency GRBNKS Grand Banks FRM form GRDL gradual FRMG forming GRTLKS Great Lakes FRMN formation GSTS gusts FROPA frontal passage GSTY gusty FROSFC frontal surface GTCL Great Circle FRST frost GTR greater FRWF forecast wind factor GTS Global Telecommunication FRZ freeze System FRZN frozen GV ground visibility FT feet/foot GVG giving FT terminal forecast H haze FTHR farther/further H2 pres at 200 mb/37K FT) FURN furnish H3 pres at 300 mb/30K FT) FV forward visibility H5 pres at 500 mb/18K FT) (miles) H7 pres at 700 mb/10K FT) FWD forward H85 pres at 850 mb/5K FT) FWDC forward collect HA high accuracy FYI for your information HAA height above airport G gusts reaching (knots) HAZ hazard GA Georgia HCVIS high clouds visible GAC global area coverage HD high density GARP Global Atmospheric HDEP haze layer estimated Research Program (feet) deep GATE GARP Atlantic Tropical HDFRZ hard freeze Experiment HDSVLY Hudson Valley GCM Global Circulation model HDWND headwind GDAS Global Data Assimilation HF high frequency System HGT height GEN general HI high GENOT general notice HI Hawaii GEO geographic HIBAL high altitude balloon GEOREF geographical reference HIEAT highest temp equaled GF ground fog for all time

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HIEFM highest temp equaled ICGIC icing in clouds for the month ICGICIP icing in clouds and HIER higher precipitation HIESE highest temp equaled ICGIP icing in precipitation so early ID identification HIESL highest temp equaled ID Idaho so late IDENT identify/identifier HIFOR high level forecast or identification HITMP highest temperature IF intermediate fix HIXAT highest temp exceeded IF ice fog for all time IFR Instrument Flight Rules HIXFM highest temp exceeded IFUN if unable for the month IFVR if visibility remains HIXSE highest temp exceeded IL Illinois so early IMC instrument meteorological HIXSL highest temp exceeded conditions so late IMDT immediate HLF half IMGRY imagery HLSTO hailstones IMP impracticable HLTP hilltop IMPL impulse HLYR haze layer aloft IMPT important HND hundred IMT immediate/immediately HNL Honolulu IN inch HOL holiday IN Indiana HOOK hook echo INADQT inadequate HP high-precipitation INC incorporated HPA hectopascal INCL include HR here INCLV inclusive HR hour INCOMP incomplete HRD Hurricane Research INCOR incorrect Division INCR increase HRDI High-Resolution Doppler INDC indicate Imager INDCTD indicated HRFAX High-Resolution INDEF indefinite Facsimile INDUS industrial HRPT high resolution picture INFO information transmission INLD inland HRZN horizon INOP inoperative HTN heterodyne INP if not possible HURCN hurricane INSP inspect HUREP hurricane report INST instrument HURRAN Hurricane Analogs model INSTA interstate HV high voltage INSTBY instability HVY heavy INSTL install HWVR however INSTR instruct HWY highway INT intersection HX high index INTCNTL intercontinental HYDRO hydrographic INTCP intercept Hz hertz INTFC interference IA Iowa INTL international IAW in accordance with INTMD intermediate IC ice crystals INTMT intermittent ICG icing INTR interior

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INTRMTRGN inter-mountain region LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather INTRP interrupt Reporting Station INTS intense LB pounds (weight) INTSFY intensify LCL local/locally INTST intensity LCT locate INTVL interval LCTMP little change in temp INTXN intersection LD long distance INVES investigate LDG leading INVOF in the vicinity of LDR linear depolarization INVR inversion ratio INVSTAR investigate and report LDW LORAN-C Dropwindsonde IOVC in overcast LEWP line echo wave pattern IP ice pellets LF low frequency IPV improve LF light fine IPW ice pellet showers LFC level of free convection IR infra-red LFM Limited-Area Fine-Mesh IR ice on runway model IREG irregular LFT lift IS island LGRNG long range ISOL isolate LGT light ITCZ intertropical LGWV long wave convergence zone LI lifted index ITNRNT itinerant LIFR Low IFR-ceiling ITRY itinerary LIN linearily IVFRC in VFR conditions LK lake JCTN junction LKLY likely JET jet stream LL landline JTSTR jet stream LLJ low-level jet JTWC Joint Typhoon Warning LLWAS low level wind shear Center alert system K cold (air mass) LLWS low level wind shear K smoke LMT limit KC kilocycles LN line KDEP smoke layer estimated LND land (feet) deep LOC locally KFRST killing frost LOEAT lowest temp equaled KH Kelvin-Helmholtz for all time KHZ kilohertz LOEFM lowest temp equaled KLYR smoke layer aloft for the month KM kilometers LOESE lowest temp equaled KOCTY smoke over city so early KS Kansas LOESL lowest temp equaled KT knot so late KW kilowatt LONG longitude KY Kentucky LONGL longitudinal L drizzle LOP line of position L logistics LORAC long range accuracy L/MF low/medium frequency LORAN long range navigation LA Louisiana LOTMP lowest temp LABRDR Labrador LOXAT lowest temp exceeded LAC local area coverage for all time LAT latitude LOXFM lowest temp exceeded for the month

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LOXSE lowest temp exceeded MDFY modify so early MDT moderate LOXSL lowest temp exceeded ME Maine so late MED medium LP low-precipitation MEGG merging LRG large MET meteorological LRG long range METAR aviation routine weather LRS Lake Reporting Service report LS left side METOF meteorological officer LS light smooth METRO metropolitan LSR loose snow on runway MEX Mexico LST Local Standard Time MF medium frequency LTD limited MFE mean forecast errors LTG lightning MHDG magnetic heading LTGCC lightning cloud-to-cloud MHKVLY Mohawk Valley LTGCCCG LTGCC/cloud to ground MHz Megahertz LTGCG lightning cloud-to-ground MI mile LTGCW lightning cloud-to-water MI Michigan LTGIC lightning in clouds MID middle LTL little MIDIZ Mid-Canada LTLCG little change Identification Zone LTNG lightning MIDN midnight LTR later MIFG patches of shallow fog LTTR latter not deeper than 2 meters LV leaving MIL military LVG leaving MIN minimum LVL level MIN minute LWA lake wind advisory MIPS Mission and Information LWR lower Planning System LX low index MISC miscellaneous LYR layer MISG missing M MACH number MKD marked M maritime (air mass) MKR marker M measured ceiling MLTLVL melting level M missing MM millimeter M Mountain Standard Time MMIPS Man-Made Interactive M measured Processing System MA map analysis MMO main meteorological MA Massachusetts office MACH MACH Number MN Minnesota MAG magnetic MNLD mainland MAINT maintain/maintenance MNLY mainly MALF mostly aloft MO Missouri precipitation MOGR moderate or greater MAN Manitoba MONTR monitor MAN manual MOREPS monitor station reports MAX maximum MOS model output statistics MB millibars MOV move MCC mesoscale convective MPH miles per hour complex MRF Medium Range Forecast MCS mesoscale convective model system MRGL marginal MD Maryland MRNG morning

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MRTM maritime NLT not later than MS minus NM nautical mile MS Mississippi NM New Mexico MSG message NMBR number MSL mean sea level NMC National Meteorological MSLP mean sea level pressure Center MSTLY mostly NMCC nocturnal MCC MSTR moisture NML nominal MT Montana NMR nautical mile radius MTN mountain NMRS numerous MTRL material NNERN north-northeastern MTRY momentary NNEWD north-northeastward MULT multiple NNMI non-linear normal mode MUNI municipal initialization MV millivolt NNWRN north-northwestern MVFR marginal visual flight NNWWD north-westward rules NOGAPS US Navy Operational MXD mixed Global Atmospheric N north Prediction System N/A not applicable NOIFN no information NAB not above NOREP no report NAP not at present NORPI no Balloon Observation NAR North American Route NOSPL not required to take NAT North Atlantic special observations NATL national NOTAM Notice(s) To Airmen NAV navigation NPRS non-persistent NAWAS National Warning System NR near NB New Brunswick NR number NBND northbound NRW narrow NBRHD neighborhood NS nimbostratus NC no change NS Nova Scotia NC North Carolina NSCSWD no small craft or storm NCWX no change in weather warning ND North Dakota NSSFC National Severe Storm NE Nebraska Forecast Center NE northeast NSSL National Severe Storms NEC necessary Laboratory NEG negative NTE not to exceed NELY northeasterly NV Nevada NEW ENG New England NVA negative vorticity NEXRAD Next Generation Weather advection Radar NVV negative vertical NFLD Newfoundland velocity NFQ night frequency NW northwest NGM Nested Grid Model NWLY northwesterly NGT night NWP Numerical Weather NH New Hampshire Prediction NHC National Hurricane Center NWRN northwestern NHC90 NHC 1990 forecast model NWS National Weather Service NHD not heard NXT next NIL none NY New York NJ New Jersey OAC oceanic area control NL no layers OAT outside air temperature

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OB on board PA Pennsylvania OBS observation PAC Pacific OBSC obscure PALF partly aloft OBST obstruct precipitation OBSTN obstruction PARA paragraph OC obstruction chart PAT pattern OCFNT occluded front PBL probable OCLD occlude PCLL persistent cells OCLN occlusion PCPN precipitation OCNL occasional PD period OCR occur PDMT predominant ODW Omega Dropwindsonde PDS particularly dangerous OFFL official situation OFP occluded frontal passage PDW priority delayed weather OFSHR offshore PE primitive equation models OH Ohio PEN peninsula OI optimal interpolation PENT penetrate or penetration OK operating normally PERF perforator OK Oklahoma PERM permanent OLR outgoing longwave PGTSND Puget Sound radiation PIREP pilot weather report OM out for maintenance PIREPS Pilot Aviation Weather OMTNS over mountains Reports ONSHR on shore PIRFC pilot requests forecast ONT Ontario PISE no pilot balloon obs ONW on watch due to unfavorable OOT out of tolerance sea conditions OPER operate PISO no pilot balloon obs OPN operation due to snow OPNML operations normal PIWI no pilot balloon obs OR Oregon due to surface wind ORGPHC orographic PLAT present latitude ORIG original PLB planetary boundary layer OSF Operational Support PLONG present longitude Facility PLS please OTAS on top and smooth PLW plow (snow) OTLK outlook PNHDL Panhandle OTO Oklahoma Thunderstorm POP probability of Outlook precipitation OTR other POS positive OTRW otherwise PP perfect prog OTS out of service PPI plan position indicator OVC overcast PPINA PPI not available OVD overdue PPINE PPI no echoes observed OVHD overhead PPINO PPI report equipment OVLA overlay inoperative OVR over PPIOK PPI equipment operation OVRN overrun resumed OVSEA overseas PPIOM PPI equipment out for OVTK overtake maintenance P Pacific Standard Time PPS propose P Polar (air mass) PPSN present position PA pressure altitude PR photo reconnaissance

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PRBL probable QSTNRY quasi-stationary PRBLTY probability QTR quarter PRCTN precaution QUAD quadrant PRECD precede QUE Quebec PREFNTL pre-frontal R rain PRELIM preliminary RABA no RAWIN obs. no PRES pressure balloons available PRESFR pressure falling rapidly RABAL radiosonde balloon PRESRR pressure rising rapidly wind data PRIM primary RABAR radiosonde balloon PRIND present indications are release PRIRA primary radar RACO no RAWIN obs. PRJMP pressure jump communications out PROC procedure RADAR radio detection and PROCD proceed ranging PROG prognosis/prognostic RADAT radiosonde observation PROG progress data PROGV progressive RADNO report missing account PROPA propagation radio failure PRP prepare RADON radar beacon PRSNT present RADU Weather Radar Analysis PRST persist and Development Unit PRVD provide RAFI radiosonde observation PS plus not filed PSBL possible RAFRZ radiosonde observation PSG passage freezing levels PSG passing RAFS Regional Analysis and PSN position Forecast System PSR packed snow on runway RAHE no RAWIN obs. no gas PST Pacific Standard Time available PT procedure turn RAICG radiosonde observation PTCHY patchy icing at PTCP participate RAJAM radar jamming PTLY partly RAMOS Remote Automated PTN portion Meteorological PUB public Observation Station PUBL publish RAOB rawinsonde observation PUP Principal User Processor RARAD radar advisory PVA positive vorticity RAREP radar weather report advection RASS Radio Acoustic Sounding PVL prevail System PVLD prevailed RAVU radiosonde analysis and PVLT prevalent verification unit PWB pilot weather briefing RAWE no RAWIN obs. unfavorable PWR power weather PWRNO power failure RAWI no RAWIN obs. high and PWROK power restored gusty winds Q squall RAWIN upper winds obs. QLFY qualify (by radio methods) QLM Quasi-Lagrangian model RAWX returned account of QLTY quality weather QN question RBN radio beacon QNTY quantity RC road reconnaissance

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RCD radar cloud detection RGN region report RH relative humidity RCDNA radar cloud detection RHI range height indicator report not available RHINO radar range height RCDNE radar cloud detection indicator not operating report no echoes on scan observed RI Rhode Island RCDNO radar cloud detector RIF reduction in force inoperative (breakdown) RIOGD Rio Grande until RIS reports identification RCDOM radar cloud detector symbol inoperative RITE right (direction of turn) (maintenance) until RL report immediately upon RCF remain on company leaving frequency RLS release RCH reach RLSTN relay station RCK radio check RLTV relative RCKY Rockies (mountains) RLV relieve RCMD recommend RM remarks (PIREP only) RCON reconfiguration RMLR radar microwave link RCPT receipt repeater RCRD record RMLT radar microwave link RCV receive terminal RDA Radar Data Acquisition RMN remain RDAT radar data (digitized) RMNDR remainder RDC reduce RMRK remark RDG ridge RNAV area navigation RDS radius RNFL rainfall RDWND radar dome wind RO regional office RE reference ROBEPS radar operating below RE regard prescribed standard RECCO reconnaissance code ROI Regional Optimum RECON reconnaissance Interpolation REF reference ROT rotate REG regulation ROTG rotating RELBL reliable ROTN rotation RELCT relocate ROV report over REP represent RPD rapid REPL replace RPG Radar Product Generator REQ request RPLC replace REQID request if desired RPM rotation per minute REQSTD requested RPRT report RERTE reroute RPT repeat RES reserve RQ request RESP response RQR require RESTR restrict RR radar range station RF radio frequency RS right side RFD rear flank downdraft RS record special RFI radio frequency observation interference RSG rising RFS refuse RSN reason RGD ragged RSTR restrict RGLR regular RSVN reservation

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RTE route SFC surface RTIR real-time infra-red SFERICS atmospherics RTMTR remote transmitter SG snow grains RTND retained SGD signed RTNE routine SGD Solar-Geophysical Data RTRD retard SGFNT significant RTRN return SGL signal RUF rough SHF super high frequency RV radar vector SHFT shift RVR Runway Visual Range SHLW shallow RVS revise SHP standard holding RW rain shower procedure RWU rain showers of unknown SHRT short intensity SHRTLY shortly RY runway SHRTWV shortwave S snow SHTDN shutdown S south SHUD should SA scheduled record SHWR shower observation SI straight-in approach SAB satellite analysis SIERNEV Sierra Nevada branch SIG signature SANBAR Sanders, et al, SIGMET significant barotropical model meteorological SAO surface airways information observations SIM satellite interpretation SASK Saskatchewan message SATFY satisfactory SIMUL simultaneous SATR so as to reach SINKG sinking SAWRS Supplementary Aviation SIR snow and ice on runway WX Reporting Station SK sky cover SBSD subside SKC sky clear SBSDNC subsidence SKED schedule SC stratocumulus SL sea level SC South Carolina SLCT select SCA Small Craft Advisory SLD solid SCLN semicolon SLGT slight SCNDRY secondary SLO slow SCSL standing lenticular SLOSH sea land overlake surge stratocumulus from hurricanes model SCT scattered SLP slope SCTR sector SLR slush on runway SCTY security SLT sleet SD South Dakota SLY southerly SDBY standby SM statute mile SDM structural dynamic model SMK smoke SE southeast SML small SELS severe local storms SMO surface meteorological unit of NSSFC observation SELY southeasterly SMR statute mile radius SENS sensitivity SMRY summary SEPN separation SMT submit SEQ sequence SMTH smooth SERN southeastern SMTM sometime

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SMWHT somewhat STNRY stationary SNBNK snowbank SUB substitute SND sand/sanded/sanding SUBFIX subject to correction SNFLK snowflake SUF sufficient SNGL single SUG suggest SNOINCR snow depth increase SUP supply in past hour SUPCHG supercharge SNW snow SUPPL supplement SNWFL snowfall SUPR superior SOI Southern Oscillation SUPSD supersede Index SUSP suspend SP station pressure SVC service SP special observation SVCBL serviceable SP snow pellets SVFR special visual flight SPAN Stored Program for rules Alpha Numerics SVG serving SPCLY especially SVR severe SPD speed SVRL several SPEC specification SW snow showers SPEC spectral model SW southwest SPKL sprinkle SWAP severe weather avoidance SPL special plan SPLNS South Plains SWB scheduled weather SPRD spread broadcast SPRL spiral SWEAT severe weather threat SQAL squall index SQLN squall line SWH significant wave height SR sunrise SWIS Satellite WX Information SRCH search System SRND surround SWLG swelling SS sunset SWLY southwesterly SSERN south-southeastern SWO Severe Weather Outlook SSEWD south-southeastward SWODY1 SWO for Day 1 SSH sea surface height SWRN southwestern SSI Showalter stability SX stability index index SXN section SST sea surface temperature SYNC synchronous SSWRN south-southwestern SYNOP synoptic SSWWD south-southwestward SYNS synopsis ST saint SYS system ST stratus T thunderstorm STAGN stagnation T trace STBL stable T training STD standard T tropical (air mass) STDLY steadily T true (bearing) STDY steady T transverse STFR stratus fractus T+ severe thunderstorms STFRA stratus fractus TA temperature (PIREP only) STFRM stratiform TAND tandum STG strong TARND turn around STLT satellite TB turbulence (PIREP only) STM storm TBJT turbojet STN station TC time check

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TC tropical cyclone TOGA Tropical Oceans and TCD tropical cyclone Global Atmosphere discussion Program TCHD threshold crossing TOP cloud top height downwind TORN tornado TCHU threshold crossing TOT time of transmission height upwind TOVC top of overcast TCNTL trans-continental TOY time of year TCOM terminal communications TP aircraft type TCPOD tropical cyclone plan TPG topping of the day TRAJS trajectories TCU towering cumulus TRBL trouble TD touchdown TRIB tributary TD tropical depression TRML terminal TDA today TRMM Tropical Rainfall TDEL time delay Measuring Mission TDZ touchdown zone TRMT terminate TEL telecommunications TROF trough TEMP temperature TROP tropopause TERPS terminal instrument TRPC tropic procedures TRPCD tropical continental TET tetrahedron (air mass) TF terrain following TRPCL tropical TF thermal fine TRPLYR trapping layer TFC traffic TRRN terrain THD thunderhead TRSN transition THDR thunder TRTD treated THK thick TS thermal smooth THKNS thickness TS tropical storm THN thin TSAF Tropical Satellite THR threshold Analysis & Forecast unit THRFTR thereafter TSATLC Trans-Atlantic THRU through TSFR transfer THRUT throughout TSHWR thundershower THSD thousand TSNT transient THTN threaten TSPAC Trans-Pacific TIL until TSQLS thundersqualls TIP until past TSTM thunderstorm TKO takeoff TURBC turbulence TLRNC tolerance TURBT turbulent TLWD tailwind TVL travel TM time (PIREP only) TVS tornadic vortex signature TMPRY temporary TWD toward TMT transmit TWEB transcribed weather TMW tomorrow broadcast TN Tennessee TWI twilight TNDCY tendency TWO tropical weather outlook TNGT tonight TWR tower visibility TNO no thunderstorm TWRG towering information TWRIN tower in an obscuration TNTV tentative TX Texas TOC to be continued U intensity unknown

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UA a pilot report VCNTY vicinity UAB until advised by VCTR vector UDDF up and down drafts VDP visual descent point UFA until further advised VFY verify UFN until further notice VHF very high frequency UFO unidentified flying VHRR very high-resolution object radiometer UHF ultra high frequency VIL vertically integrated UM unable to maintain liquid water vapor UN unable VIP video integrator UNAPV unable to approve processor UNATNDD unattended VIS visibility UNAVBL unavailable VLCTY velocity UNDLD undelivered VLF very low frequency UNEC unnecessary VLNT violent UNHRD unheard VLY valley UNID unidentified VMC visual meteorological UNKN unknown conditions UNL unlimited VOL volume UNLCTD unlighted VORT vorticity UNMON unable to monitor VORTLOBE vortex lobe UNOFF unofficial VORTMAX vortex maximum UNOFFL unofficial VOU voucher UNRDBL unreadable VR veer UNRELBL unreliable VRBL variable UNRSTD unrestricted VRG veering UNSATFY unsatisfactory VRISL Vancouver Island BC UNSBL unseasonable VRT MOTN vertical motion UNSKED unscheduled VSB visible UNSTBL unstable VSBY visibility UNSTDY unsteady VSBYDR visibility decreasing UNSTL unsettle rapidly UNUSBL unusable VSBYIR visibility increasing UPDFTS up drafts rapidly UPR upper VT Vermont UPSLP upslope VTR vector UPSTRM upstream W indefinite ceiling URG urgent W warm (air mass) USBL usable W west UT Utah WA AIRMET UTC Coordinated Universal WA Washington Time WAA warm air advection UTH upper tropospheric WBTS whereabouts humidity WDLY widely UUA urgent PIREP WDSPRD widespread UVV upward vertical WEA weather velocity WEFAX Weather Encoded UWNDS upper winds Facsimile V variable WER weak echo region VA Victor Airways WFO weather forecast VA Virginia office VARN variation WFP warm front passage VAULT echo-free vault/ BWER WI Wisconsin

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WI with XCP except WIBIS will be issued XPC expect WILCO will comply XPLOS explosive WINT winter XREP auxiliary report WIP work in progress XTAL crystal WK weak XTLK cross talk WKDAY weekday Y Yukon Standard Time WKEND weekend YDA yesterday WKN weaken YKN Yukon WL will YLSTN Yellowstone WLYS westerlies Z Greenwich Mean Time WMO World Meteorological ZI zonal index Organization ZI zone of interior WND wind ZL freezing drizzle WNWRN west-northwestern ZONE forecast zone WNWWD west-northwestward ZR freezing rain WO without ZRNO info. on freezing rain WORM write once read many will not be available WP waypoint ================================ WPLTO Westem Plateau Standard Suffixes to add to WR wet runway abbreviations: WRAPARND wrap-around ================================ WRM warm WRMFNT warm front able BL WRNG warning al L WRS worse ally, erly, ly LY WS SIGMET ary, ery, ory RY WSHFT wind shift ance, ence NC WSO Weather Service Office der DR WSR wet snow on runway ed, ied D WSR weather surveillance ening NG Radar er, ier, or R WSR-57 WSR-1957 ern RN WSR-74 WSR-1974 ically CLY WSR-88D WSR-1988 Doppler ive V WSTCH Wasatch Range iest, est ST WSWRN west-southwestern iness, ness NS WSWWD west-southwestward ing G WT weight ity TY WTR water ment MT WTSPT waterspout ous US WV wave s, es, ies S WV water vapor tion, ation N WV wind at altitude ward WD (PIREP only) WV West Virginia WW severe weather forecast WWW World Weather Watch WX weather WXCON weather reconnaissance flight pilot report (Compiled by Debi Iacovelli 72520,1210) WY Wyoming Wl within